Sunday, 3 August 2008

HELP !!! Lost blogs !!!

I can hardly believe this. Two of my favourite blogs are missing:-




My apologies if you've come to this blog from one of the daftnotstupid sites for either of these blogs. I shall have to ask the daftnotstupid technical expert to try to locate them. And while he does so, I shall go into the field opposite and SCREAM!!!

Also, not all of the translations are working. So, it'll mean a very long scream!!!

Perhaps Bill Gates would like to tell me, personally, why his software sometimes/often doesn't work despite the fact that he's made mega-bucks selling it to people like me.


The daftnotstupid technician has sorted it all out.

1. My blog had run out of space so earlier blogs weren't visible. My technician
has created more space so that's rectified now.

2. XMAS NIGHT LILA is actually on the daftnotstupid blog.

3.The translations are working (they look really impressive!). The problem was that I was trying to skip from one translation to another.

4. Apparently, Google and my Apple computer are nothing to do with Bill Gates so I shouldn't really blame him! However, Microsoft Words can still be tricky on my computer, so the criticism still stands. He's big enough, powerful enough and rich enough to accommodate such criticism and, anyway, I guess he'll never read this blog (!!!) but if he did (!!!) he can leave a comment!!!

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