Tuesday 1 April 2008

From Winchester Passion to Winchester Rock

...and folk...and jazz...and country and western...and blues...and gospel...

Polly Perry, the young actress who played Mary of Magdala in the recent Winchester Passion (check out the Winchester Passion websites to see pictures of her: she's the stunningly beautiful actress in the scarlet dress) is also a talented lead singer in local group 'Polly and The Billets Doux.'

Polly and her fellow members - hubbie Ben Perry, Dan Everett and Andrew Steen - have known each other for years but only formed their group a year or so ago, playing at venues in the South, including London, Brighton, Bristol and Bath.

And the band have just released an EP of their own music and lyrics entitled "Head of Steam' with local record company 'Black Mouse Music - already number 27 in the Radio One Indies Chart.

Their music is an eclectic mix/fusion of genres, which, in my opinion, works well.

This is a group with the potential to go far in the music industry and I wish them well.

Their next venue will be at the newly completed Winchester Discovery Centre on Saturday 24th of May, with support acts, including Tali Trow. If you're in the area and can manage to get a ticket, have a look see and make up your own mind.

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