Monday, 16 June 2008


I have just spent the last five minutes jumping up and down and screaming like a crazed Big Brother contestant (I am proud to say that I haven't watched one single minute of this year's show - hopefully, this addiction to rubbish TV is now cured!) because my renowned partner in the daftnotstupid team has just phoned to tell me that THE ENORMOUS SQUARE RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR BALCONY WILL BE USED AS ONE OF THE VENUES AFTER ALL !!!

However, as I said to him later, when I had calmed down, 'I'll only believe it when I see it!' So glad now that we couldn't change hotels, although the hotel did double book the balcony bedroom last year and we only got it because we arrived first.

Oh, if only all life's problems were as trivial! (Although it won't seem trivial if we don't get the room.)But I know, in the scheme of things, I should just be grateful for this sliver of hope. I just can't tell you how wonderful it is to be so close to some of the best live performances in the world, particularly when the Gnaoua groups with their brightly coloured costumes and exciting dancing and rhythmic music perform with more conventional groups playing rock/hip-hop/jazz etc (the West has no idea what it's missing)- the closest to Heaven, so far, that I've ever experienced.

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