Thursday, 19 March 2009


drinking champagne through a straw

Lou and me and presents

my favourite position - horizontal

champagne bottle on left counter

contents of containers - water - honest

It's my birthday today and I'm the staggering age of sixty, which sounds far worse than it is. Didn't you know? Sixty is the new forty!

I've had a few wobbles in the last few weeks because this really is a difficult age to assimilate, mainly because pension decisions force you to face your own mortality.

Do you defer payment of the state pension, for example? And do you top up your fund to take into account any missing years of National Insurance contributions?

I've worked it out that it would take about twenty years before any top up would actually mean that I break even, given the thousands of pounds I'd have to pay now. So I ain't going to bother.

If being 60 means more days like today, then I'm all for it. I did a Pilates class this morning then had a swim then went to town to have my hair done. And while I was there, I was asked if I'd like to have their special offer of a manicure for £10 whilst having my hair done. Now this really was a no-brainer for me because I love being pampered, so there I was, having my hair and nails done, discussing suitable tattoos for some of my characters in my next novel - Winchester Blues. Pure bliss.

And then, of course, I had to have my feet done, too, just to balance things up.

The only down side was that I had intended to go to The Body Shop afterwards to get my free birthday gift and take advantage of their 20% off offer but I forgot. Lack of memory, sadly, is one of the downsides of getting older!

And then, because I'd promised him earlier, I had to take the dog for a walk when really I fancied a bit of a lie-down (another age thing).

However, since the Turkish army and air-force tried to get me in 1974 and, luckily for me, failed, I reckon that every day since then is an added bonus. Just wished I'd realised this earlier. But I've had such a full life - both good and bad things - I can really say that I've lived life to the full. And reaching sixty is a great achievement.

So, don't be frightened of sixty. I reckon that all those who reach this age are very lucky indeed. The news today has been full of the death of the beautiful and talented actress, Natasha Richardson, aged just 45, and poor, hapless Jade Goody is only 27. So seize life with both hands because you never know when it's going to end.

Now there speaks a person of wisdom. (It's an age thing!).

So, respect. That's what I want. Respect! And if anyone calls me grandma or expects me to behave like a geriatric, they can take a running jump.

By the way, I'm on the champagne at the moment and my hairdresser suggested I try drinking it through a straw so I'm off now to do just that.

Peace and good-will to all.

Maggie xxx

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