Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Lou has come to visit for a few days and while we walking Archie (dog) by The Water Meadows, I gave Lou a very brief run down of The Wire because we were going to watch the very first episode of Season One in the evening, just to see if she liked it.

And she did.

So, we then watched episode two and she definitely wants to take the box set home with her, which is a pig because it was brilliant watching the first two episodes again and seeing how clever the whole production over five seasons's truely awesome.

And Lou found it very easy to follow, unlike me the first time, so it just goes to show what a dim-wit I am. However, in my defense, Lou did actually study television at university, whereas I didn't! I'm learning about it watching The Wire (over and over again). And loving every minute of it. It's given me so many ideas for my own writing that I'm terming the whole watching The Wire thing as educational.

And Lou is under strict instructions to finish the box set as soon as possible, so John and I can watch all of Season One again - for educational purposes...

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