Monday, 20 July 2009


Last Saturday, we needed a room for the night in Glastonbury so we could go to Mitzi's (one of John's sisters) birthday party but were having great difficulties in finding anywhere available.

Although Glastonbury is famous for its enormous open-air festival, there's actually a lot going on there all the year round, ranging from the Abbey Extravagenza (Dire Straits played this year) to groups playing in pubs to special spiritual celebration weeks.

So, the week we wanted to go, there was a Tibet week happening and our usual b and b's were full. But eventually, John found us a room at Chindit House, which he found on the web. The only drawback was that it was going to cost £125 for the night for the two of us, which is pricey by Glastonbury standards.

"It'd had better be good!" we muttered to ourselves more than once.

The weather that Saturday was foul - cloudy, cold and wet - so we reckoned that we could use the A303 for most of the way from Winchester, including the potential bottleneck miles before and after StoneHenge.

Big mistake.

Hence, it took much longer than expected and we arrived at Chindit House tired, fed-up and grissly, particularly since we had forgotten to take the address with us so could not, initially, find the place.

It's a large period house almost hidden behind an enormous hedge with no sign that it was a b and b outside but eventually we were directed there by some-one and since we could park directly outside, the impending argument about who should have brought directions was diverted. So, in we went, me not being exactly in the best of moods.

Peter Smith and Felicity outside the front door

But as soon as we walked in, the 'wow' factor kicked in. This was one hell of a beautiful house: an enormous hall, full of light, with windows and patio door at the far end, with views of the large garden (several acres in all) giving the impression of being in a large, beautiful decorated and furnished country home.

The hall

And our bedroom was absolutely gorgeous, as you can see from the picture below.

One of the bedrooms

What I particularly liked were the soothing colours, the shape of the room and windows, the chintzy curtains and the oh so comfortable bed with the softest of cotton sheets. And then there was the on-suite bathroom with everything you needed, all so clean and fresh and stylishly designed. And when John discovered that the full-length mirror opened up to shelving with such delights as nailpolish and footcream (a first for me anywhere we've stayed), then I was in seventh heaven.

The party was great, we had a marvellous nights sleep and a breakfast the next morning was sumptious. Plus, the two dogs resident dogs were as welcoming and friendly as the owners, Peter Smith and Felicity Wright.


They have links with Africa, so we were able to tell them about the Essaouira Festival and show some of John's recordings, which we delight in doing.

So, this was certainly money well spent and we'll certainly go back there. A 'find' is what you'd call it. Peter and Felicity chose the top of the range bed and breakfast market (the house was once a Millfield School boarding house) and I think they've done the house, which, apparently was very run-down, proud.

So, if you're looking for some-where to stay in Glastonbury, try Chindit House and get a taste of sheer luxury

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P.S. Did I mention the basket of top quality chocolates? They got eaten pretty quickly. Well, we had just survived an enormous traffic jam and needed instant comfort!

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