Saturday 15 August 2009


Blow me down if Polly and The Billet Doux's debut album 'Fiction, half-Truths and Downright Lies' was reviewed in the Independent On Sunday the day after they appeared on Radio 4's Loose Ends.

This group really is getting around some.

Sadly, their music is not to the reviewer's taste, his/her argument based on the idea that it was the kind of music that Terry Wogan might once have played on his Radio Two show.

However, when I spoke to Polly about this she was as chuffed as hell that:-

a. the album had even been reviewed in such a prestigous Sunday newspaper (there's no such thing as bad publicity)


b. Terry Wogan actually loves their music and is going to play tracks on his show, which has an enormous audience.

"Keep the review," I said, "and gloat over it when you're really famous, as I intend to do with all my rejections from agents and magazines."

Somehow, I think that Polly and The Billet Doux will be well famous way before I am/not.

Anyway, there are plenty of excellent reviews of their music to read if you google their name, including a glowing report from this year's Glastonbury performance.

I pride myself on recognising talent when I see it and am so chuffed that I've been able to see them play live and for John to record some of their performances.

And by the way, thank you to the person who left a comment on my blog about the Loose Ends performance. It would seem that comments can only be accessed, at present, by clicking on the title of the relevant blog but John plans to fiddle around with my computer so that comments are more readily available, because I 'lurve' comments.

And since I've mentioned my computer, you might be interested to know that I've traded in my Mackingtosh (is that how you spell it?) Apple (nicknamed 'Fucku' by me), for a Dell, which is infinitely better/quicker/more user friendly and seems to see me as an ally rather than foe to be thwarted at every turn.

And a final thought, forty years since Woodstock yesterday and doesn't Jimi Hendrix still sound amazing!

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