Sunday 1 November 2009


* Too Close To Home by Linwood Barclay (Orion Books 2008) - read Sept/Oct 2009

One thing is for sure - Linwood Barclay does not write literary prose, which is why I like him!

The emphasis in his writing is character and plot and just like his last novel (his 1st?), he takes an ordinary family and puts them into a nightmare situation. For most of the novel you've no idea what the actual answer is, which makes for a perfect page-turner of a novel. He's easy to read and the story and characters pull you in effortlessly.

The plot of this novel goes like this: the central family of dad, mum, and teenage son live next door to a house where the family have just been murdered but they are far more involved than they care to be. I shan't say anymore. Buy the book if you're interested and need an easy, exciting read.

Maggie gives the thumbs up on this (like the music reviewers in The Independent newspaper)!

(Due to a slight technical understanding between myself and my computer advisor, and perhaps influenced by the tiredness of a very hectic week-end (or the large Bloody Mary I was drinking at the time), I inadvertently created a new post for this book review instead of putting it in the existing book review post.

I cut and pasted this into that review but couldn't delete it from here so here it stays as well. So, if you wish to read more of my book reviews, go to that post and feast your eyes on or disagree with my comments.)

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