Tuesday 15 June 2010


This is a phenomonal novel. The first in a trilogy and set in Sweden it combines several major plots in one novel. It's more than a murder/mystery novel: there's also an expose of big business and finance.

Sometimes it reads more like a financial journal and this can be a bit tedious at times but it's essential to the plot and I managed to read those parts, as apposed to John, who skim-read them.

But it's really the characters who maintain the interest and push the story forward.

Mikael Blomkist is the leading character in this first novel. As a financial journalist, he has been found guilty of libel and spends some time in prison. However, this is barely covered. The plot revolves around his employment to discover what happened to Harrient Venger, the grand-daughter of the successful and influential Henrik Venger, who disappeared years previously.

If you think you have the family from hell, take a look at the Venger family. They may be rich but they're a nasty lot.

The most interesting character, however, is Lisbeth Salander, who is a disfunctional, possibly autistic, private investigator, who is brilliant with computers. She becomes involved in Mikael's work and together they form a formidable team.

It's written in an incredible amount of depth which I can only, as a writer, marvel at.

It was my osteopath, Nick Harding, who recommended the trilogy and since I value his judgement, I bought all three novels.

John had now read them all but I shall pace myself with the other two. But I'm looking forward to reading them. It's impossible to clear the characters from your mind.

Sadly, the author died at an early age but I'm sure he would be pleased at the popularity:there are ceratinly films to follow.

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