Saturday 21 January 2012


I have just entered my novel Cyprus Blues into the Good Housekeeping novel competition which closes on March 31st.

I sent in the first chapter, a synopsis and a short biography as required and I'm now just hoping and praying that it will make a good impression.

I read about the competition in Mslexia, which is an excellent magazine for women writers. I've never read Good Housekeeping before and it's actually a very good read with some recipes I'd like to try out.

But back to the competition - just before I sealed the envelope to send the whole lot off, I had a little peek at the first paragraph of the enclosed chapter and thought perhaps that doesn't sound right… maybe I should change it. Such is the neurosis of the writer. But then I thought what the heck… I can't keep rewriting it so I sealed the envelope and off the package went. So fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Hi there - I also entered the competition and have just been informed by Good Housekeeping on facebook that they received over 6,000 entries! They will therefore notify the winner and runners up 'ONLY' by end of May. Winner announced in August issue. said...

Have also entered competition and have spent the past few weeks feeling exactly the same about my opening paragraph. As you say - such is the neurosis ....